Our clients and partners are among the most desirable and effective life science leaders:

  • e-Technology / AI / Blockchain start-ups
  • Medical Device companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Precision Medicine companies
  • FDA policy influencers
  • Mid-career and senior professionals seeking placements
  • ​MAGI
  • Investors
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Ancillary Service Providers

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A few testimonials from clients, partners, mentees, entrepreneurs, and displaced professionals:

     "We learn such a tremendous amount from you. Thank you for sharing the resources on patient-centricity, real-world evidence and the FDA's vision on digital health. Honestly, we learn more speaking to you for one hour than days worth of research! We truly appreciate your advice from both an extensive clinical and market strategy perspective."

     "When my job was eliminated and I called you for help, I couldn't believe the rapid outreach you did in 15 minutes to your network that landed me with multiple interviews within 3 days. It was nothing short of amazing. You helped me secure a job that wasn't posted and I am grateful to you. I was unemployed for only 1 week and now make more money in a positive environment."

     "I was bullied and forced out of a company that had a culture of mean, pain, and incompetence, and it was losing business. You placed me in a small life science company where I can flourish and contribute."

     "Thank you for showing me your inner strength and courage to confront difficult situations under pressure. Nothing phases you. Not even the outcome. You stand up for what is right and put your team's interests ahead of your own. Most leaders are yes-men and think only of themselves by complying with the status quo or resisting necessary change."

     "You are always there for my clients, especially to give them new perspectives when they choose shortcuts or work by amateurs. I have seen several times that the decisions of the executive team was influenced by you to avoid repeating work."

     "You are 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Always reading, giving, and showing younger professionals how to navigate their careers and the uncertainty they will face."

     "Your accessibility is phenomenal. You have saved me a couple of times over the weekend in preparation for Monday board meetings and I am always impressed with the casualness and the ease at which you carve out time for me in off hours, usually when I am seeking quick counsel for something unexpected or unplanned. Your advice is clear and honest."

     "I can count on you to tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. You don't care whether I use your advice or not. You have shown me how to eliminate speculation and my own biases and dive deeply into problems and solve them on solid facts."

    "If I were ever to need to go to battle, I am bringing you along. You are never afraid and fear no one or any dire situation. You see things before you no matter how terrible, you see how to win, and you see how to advance to the light at the end of the tunnel." 

     "You relate to people and listen, and consult for them to earn trust. It is a transformational technique. You also are confident in what you know and admit to what you don't know. I share your values."

     "The roadmap for our technology could not have been possible without your input. We didn't even understand the importance until investors poked holes in what we were doing and adoption was suffering. You helped us focus on a reasonable timetable for product and service deliverables of various phases over 3-5 years under realistic budgets."